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EyeLash Extensions



Full set Classic eyelash extensions: $150

Classic Fill : $75

Hybrid Full Set: $200

Hybrid Fill : $100

Light Volume Full Set : $250

Light Volume Fill : $125

Mega Volume Full Set: $300

Mega Volume Fill : $175

Eyelash extension care tips:

- Keep your lashes clean!

- Do not wear mascara on your extensions.

- Come to your appointment with no eye makeup on.

- Remember to book ahead of time! Please call for an appointment (we are operating by appointment only, no online booking!)

- Do not get your lashes wet for 8 - 12 hours after application.

- Do not use oils on/around your extensions (coconut oil, baby oil, etc.)

Vitality Spa Club launches  i Lash Extensions

It’s a big day for us at Vitality Spa Club. Today we launch our sister business: i Lash Extensions – a new sister company that focuses on eyelash extensions. Its mission is to make your eyelashes magnetic.

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