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bt-Cocktail Facial

bt coktail facial.png

The most popular age management mini facial that incorporates the bt-Cocktail system.

Three part energy system

1  Bright - serum

2  Firm -  gel

3  Smooth - cream

Key ingredients:

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)


Refined pores

Smoother texture

Consistent skin tone


Key in the migration of essential fatty acids into the mitochondria

Specialm VG

Lightener and brightener, and has a soothing effect

Eases dark spots created by stress, UV exposure, pollution and acne.

Reduces redness, and relieves sensitive and irritated skin



Increases cellular respiration by as much as 57% into the mitochindria

Efficacy studies have shown a 65% increase of ATP levels

AC Dermal peptide micro C

Shown to contain high level of antioxidants ranging from ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and glutathione (antioxidant found in leafy greens) which helps in improving skin brightness and clarity



Skin aging and chronic UV exposure leads to increased skin fragility, leathery skin appereance, and formation of wrinkles

Effective in softening the skin

Marrubium vulgare stems

Strong in antioxidant activity and offer multiphase defense systems associated with enviromental stresses

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