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When should I start doing anti aging treatments ?

My daughter asked me today:” when should I start doing anti aging treatments ? The answer is usually Yesterday. After 22 years of age you should begin using anti aging serums , mists, moisturizers... because by fallowing right customized facials and treatments you might feel  and look better then average person who started noticing wrinkles after the age of 30 sometimes even sooner , therefore you should visit your esthetician twice a month every two weeks ideally. Oxygen treatments and masks , great detox ,  mask that would stimulate blood flow , get detox facials for yourself , healthy life style and exercise does a big impact & improve skin texture with Chemical peels and alternative to chemical peels non - invasive  treatments , anti aging products plus detox massage stimulates blood flow  maintain that with great anti aging hydrating masks, use peptide ingredients to  stimulate collagen & elastin & non / invasive treatments for long healthy lasting results. Painless treatments for healthy glow and radiant skin ; use of SPF daily & spray  with mist your face, neck , take care of your hands they are indicator of our real age don’t forget use treatments on your hand as well, creams & SPF will protect them during the day , stay positive and smile 😀🤗😊😘& call www.VitalitySpa.Club 

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